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Barrier chapter eight is designed to assist allow criminal necessities to be met via way of means of starting up a code of exercise. Chapter eight is meant to offer a great well-known of exercise and isn't a criminal requirement however is taken into consideration because of the minimal requirement for the street web page.

Why ought to you comply with those recommendations?

Although bankruptcy eight isn't a criminal requirement, If your web page does now no longer follow those recommendations ought a coincidence arise you're probably leaving yourself open to criminal activity. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978 formally calls for all people to set up and preserve secure structures of paintings, Chapter eight can be taken into consideration as an affordable exercise for retaining a secure paintings system.

Types of Roadside Safety Equipment

For this text we're going to have a take observe obstacles and roadside equipment, but there are different regulations and recommendations for each automobile and PPE. The complete recommendations and regulations may be observed within side the Traffic Signs Manual Chapter eight, which may be observed on the Gov. united kingdom website.

Obstructions and excavations ought to be continually correctly guarded. Barriers can be used to guard all people against roadside hazards, obstructions and excavations. Barriers ought to be seen via way of means of day and night. Providing an excessive visibility protection barrier among the roadworks, the general public, and close-by visitors they make certain a secure running web page.

There are 4 primary styles of protective barriers that can be used:

  • Pedestrian obstacles
  • Traffic obstacles for steering automobiles and indicating that a visitors lane or a part of a visitors lane is closed
  • Lightweight obstacles for delineating the internal fringe of protection zones
  • Vehicle restraint protection obstacles.

Pedestrian Barrier

A pedestrian barrier ought to be supplied to assist pedestrian waft or accessibility on the ones facets of an obstruction that limition pedestrians. Pedestrian obstacles and rails can be crimson and white, base helps ought to now no longer protrude extra than three hundred mm into the route of pedestrians and Temporary pedestrian routes ought to in no way be much less than 1m extensive, and anyplace viable ought to be as a minimum 1.five m extensive. Pedestrian obstacles along excavations ought to be the situation of a chance primarily based totally assessment.

Traffic Barrier

Traffic obstacles for steering automobiles beyond obstructions ought to be located at the visitors aspect of the obstruction and ought to be crimson and white. The barrier ought to be located among 0.8m and 1.5m above floor degree and have to be reflectorized, or illuminated both internally or externally in the course of the hours of darkness.

Lightweight Barrier

Lightweight obstacles can be used in which there may be no chance of pedestrians encountering the works or in which there may be a want to delineate the internal boundary of a protection zone. All factors of light-weight obstacles ought to be sufficiently strong to face up to wind buffeting from passing visitors

Vehicle Restriction Barrier

In a few cases, it can be suitable to offer a transient automobile protection barrier. It can be suitable to offer visitors obstacles further in the back of the protection barrier and out of doors its running width, or to mark the face of the protection.