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Bollards are a simple but effective way to protect people and property. They are extremely versatile and clearly mark boundaries and warn of danger.

Originally developed for boat mooring, mooring bits now have a variety of functions and have greatly evolved in style and design.

As a manufacturer and supplier of one of the widest ranges of bollards in the UK street furniture market, we are able to supply barriers, posts, rails and bollards to suit any application.

Let's take a look at some of the more popular types of bollards and their uses.

  1. Resistant terminal

Ideal for job site safety and protecting buildings from damage, our range of heavy duty steel has high tensile strength.

Ho-dip zinc plating ensures rust free longevity with a powder coated finish available in a range of RAL/BS colours.

Heavy-duty bollards are particularly suitable for marking potential danger points, such as loading bays, delimiting parking spaces or as a barrier between traffic and pedestrians.

Our range includes mild steel utility bollards in a variety of sizes and styles, as well as round and square shapes. Our custom service allows customers to choose from a selection of mounting and reflective tapes.

  1. Decorative bollards

Bollards can help reflect an area's brand or identity, as well as act as a visual guide and deterrent.

Behind this aesthetic, however, hides a robustness that carries the unique guarantee of cast iron for a lifespan of more than 100 years. All the cast iron bollards can be cast in grade 250, for compressive strength, or in ductile iron grade 450-10 for greater impact resistance.

They can include decorative markings, the addition of badges or badges, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Our cast iron range also includes the bumper, the tow path bollard and the spherical bollard.

Stainless steel bollards and wooden bollards are also chosen for their decorative appeal, often used in workshops or shops to prevent vehicles from climbing into pedestrian areas and roadsides.

  1. Illuminated bollards

As an added security feature, bollards can include lighting. With an illuminated bollard, clients can be sure that the fixtures and components are suitable for outdoor use. In addition to a safe and aesthetic use, the illuminated bollards are very effective in parking lots or driveways. If you don't need an illuminated pole for round-the-clock visibility, a reflective pole can be useful.

The reflective bands can be added to the bollards of our range in various configurations.

  1. Operable bollards

Some of our bollards are manually operated to provide flexibility and access control. Once in place, our operable bollards offer the same visual deterrent or guidance force as a fixed bollard.

But their ease of use allows for temporary traffic management as well as versatile site configuration.

Their use is often seen in public spaces and plazas where events and activities take place.

Small private car parks can also benefit from functional bollards to ensure site restriction or they can be used for privacy, e.g. B. on the aisles.

Our removable delineators simply snap into place and are available in light, medium and heavy versions. Our telescopic poles are equipped with an innovative lift assist mechanism to reduce the weight of the bollard when it is raised and lowered.

Where shallow excavation depths are required, we also offer a countersunk parking post which allows the bollard to be bent into a closed countersunk socket where the cover is flush with the surface.

We also offer folding posts in stainless steel or mild steel, ideal for access control and car parks.

  1. Multifunctional terminals

Our Polyurethane (PU) delineators serve a wide variety of uses with dozens of style options available. Due to low maintenance and weather resistance, PU bollards are suitable for all locations, especially coastal and aquatic ones.

With high impact resistance, they are perfect for border marking and are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

They are found on the street, outside schools, in parking lots, at the port and on the roadsides. They can be used to enhance aesthetics or to control access.

Some of our delineators can be converted into connecting parts for tracks, chains or panels in galvanized steel.