Cable Protectors and its uses- Biri Trading UK

Biri Trading UK has wide range of light and heavy duty cable protector for office, home and road use to protect cables from vehicles.

What is a cable protector?

Health and safety regulators around the world no doubt use cord protectors for workplace benefits, but what exactly are cord protectors for presentations? Simply put, it is a material used for laying cables, wires, pipes, hoses and many other industrial pipes. They usually have a convex/bevelled shape to allow the cables to run downwards. Therefore, it is made of a strong and durable material that helps prevent damage to industrial pipes.

Benefits of using a cable protector?

You may be wondering about the benefits of using cable protection equipment in the workplace. The first advantage lies in the name. This is because it protects the cables that pass through the tread. Guards prevent the cables from being blocked, pulled, broken or damaged by someone stepping on or pulling on them.

Another important benefit is that these safety measures are much cleaner as they help you keep your desk or work area organized, the threads smooth and the environment less cluttered. Cable protectors not only keep the environment neat and tidy, but also improve workplace safety by reducing the risk of people tripping over loose cables. The cable protector range includes Biri Trading UK and the cable protector mat includes a yellow version of the protector. This makes it more obvious to pay attention around the cable guards as it is clear that there are wires underneath.

Selecting cable protectors perfect for you

 All our cable guards also have tapered edges to reduce the risk of snagging, which has been proven to increase costs for UK employers. Although they still increase the height slightly, these braided edges should change the number of people walking on the tread, but they can certainly reduce the number of people falling if there is loose wire in the way. Chamfered corners are also an important feature that makes it easy to transport forklifts, trucks and carts without people having to lift or awkwardly move over cables. Many of our cable protectors also have yellow wires to draw attention to them, which can help prevent trips like Biri Trading UK. There are also other cable guards with hazard tape around the edges.

All our cable protectors are loosely positioned and very easy to install. This means you don't have to glue or anchor it to the floor, you can position it yourself and it won't move. For added safety, it is suitable for almost any indoor environment. Typical applications are offices, schools, exhibitions, public places, etc.