Safety Signs

Workplace safety relies heavily on the use of safety indicators. In various situations, safety signs must be visible, easy to see and comply with rules.

What type of safety sign do you need?

Safety Signs, Road Signs, Warning Signs, and Hazard Signs use color, shape, symbols, and text to provide directional or instructional information that keeps ourselves and those around us safe.

It's hard to drive anywhere without multiple signs providing guidance along the way; it only makes sense to have similar signage in the workplace.

The most critical safety rules for signs

Signs should be well-lit, clear, and at an eye-level height. Make sure that anything moved close to or on top of the sign does not block the view of passers-by.

Signs should be easily visible, loud, and understandable. They should never blend in with their surroundings. Unless you're doing some quick maintenance or setting up a portable sign, safety signs must be secure enough to stay in one position for an extended period of time in most cases. To survive all types of weather, signs should always be made of robust materials, such as metal.

The signs should be visible and understandable to everyone. Signage can include safety warnings for an area, directional signs to help people find certain destinations, and other types of signage.

Putting them in prominent places where people can see them will only get you so far; the messages they carry must be printed properly and legibly. Putting up too many signs at once may make it difficult for viewers to focus on what they're trying to communicate, as well as confuse those who don't understand what they're saying.

Safety Signs in the Workplace

Signs should provide all important information for both personnel and guests to navigate your facility safely. In some cases, many languages will be required to ensure that everyone understands.

In general, these signs should be placed near hazards or where protocols must be followed on walls or signposts. Everyone will hear the message loud and clear if they are hung from the ceiling! Permanent fixtures such as these can be used if desired, however, when the hazard is close enough, corporations may select less permanent options such as traffic cones and mobile posts.

Construction Site Safety Signs

Safety signs are placed on construction sites to send a clear message about health and safety. Failure to recognize the relevance of a site-specific health and safety notification could result in the loss of your life - or your career. This article goes through the various types of construction safety signs.

Health and safety signs can be seen all throughout construction sites, from site hoarding and entrance points to many locations throughout the site. If you work on construction sites or have just passed one, you've definitely encountered some of these health hazards. They come in a variety of bright colors, including red, green, blue, and yellow.