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How to choose the right convex mirror?

Choosing the right convex mirror can be difficult. Knowing what you need and where to put the mirror will make the job a lot easier. Here at Biri Trading UK, we can offer a variety of convex mirrors. See the guide below to find out which convex mirror is best for you.

Inside Or Outside

One of the first things to explain is whether the convex mirror is for indoor or outdoor use. Depending on where the convex mirror is installed, it will depend on the type of mirror that best suits your needs.


One of the most popular interior mirror options is the traffic interior mirror.  Ideal for many environments, these convex mirrors make it easy to see curves or corners and are ideal as safety mirrors on store shelves. 

There are several options for exterior mirrors, but one of the most popular traffic mirrors is the convex mirror. Again, this traffic mirror is made of acrylic on the front and plastic on the back, so it is very light and always easy to install. Popular with many consumers, convex mirrors are ideal for use on country roads to sneak into your home.

What size mirror do you need? Most convex mirrors are available in a variety of sizes. In addition to rising prices, there are other things to keep in mind when buying a traffic mirror. First of all, the bigger the safety mirror, the more you can see.  Here's a quick guide to the standard size of a safety mirror.

Rural and urban areas

Whether you are installing a traffic mirror in a rural or urban setting, choosing the type of mirror can play an important role. The convex acrylic mirrors mentioned above are ideal for rural areas where there are usually few breaks and distortions. . Choose the right stainless steel Clear convex mirror for your urban area. 

Steel convex mirrors are available in a variety of sizes, with exterior or interior designs, and in a variety of sizes. These convex mirrors are more expensive than acrylic mirrors, but they are "a lot of money" when it comes to performance.