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The rubber corner guards are also equipped with reflective yellow stripes that provide excellent visibility by reflecting the vehicle and other ambient light sources to maintain vehicle visibility and make it easier for the driver to see.

Corner Guards for parking 

Installing the column guard is very easy as the mounting holes are factory made and it is a quick and easy operation using screws with expansion screws for installation.

Rubber Corner Guards - Biri Trading UK

Rubber made for durability and reliability. The device provides high impact resistance to improve structural integrity in high traffic areas. Molded reflective tape improves driver visibility for safety and security. Maintenance-free construction offers resistance to chemicals, weathering and corrosion. Includes mounting holes for device stability. Hardware for permanent installation sold separately. Indoor/outdoor model type. The corner protectors for normal and heavy use are made of rubber, making the product extremely durable and long lasting. Our corner guards offer high impact resistance, improving structural integrity in high traffic areas.

Molded reflective tape improves driver visibility for safety and security. It is very easy to maintain and very resistant to chemicals, weather and corrosion. Great inside and out. Can be used for heavy casting. Available in 1 pack. The colors are black and yellow with black and yellow stripes for greater visibility. Edge protection is designed to protect edges from damage. A wide range of models for protection in warehouses, offices, door frames or 90° corners. permanent installation. Hardware is not included. We recommend using screws with 6 mounting holes and a plastic anchor with a minimum length of 3 cm for corner protection products.

Thick, impact-resistant molded rubber. Yellow reflective strips increase visibility.
Secure installation with 6 screws. Every time a car or van hits the edge of a parking lot, it creates a variety of cracks, from tiny cracks to supports, resulting in construction and maintenance costs. The number of cars and poles that a large parking lot can accommodate can be an infinite constant. To prevent the above problems, rubber corners are prepared at the corners of each pillar and installed up to the height limit for fixing the vehicle to reduce collisions between the vehicle and other vehicles and prevent the pillars.