Corner Guards - Biri Trading UK

The newest product to be added to our line of corner guards. The two discrete PVC strips add additional protection from any direct impact while the wooden wall guard offers a sleek, attractive appearance to safeguard any building interior. Offices, nursing homes, and hotels are just a few of the settings where this product works well.

It may be difficult to choose from the variety of Corner Guards available at Biri Trading UK. The type of Corner Guard selected will depend on a number of variables, including the type of damage (light duty or heavy duty), whether it is installed internally or externally, the interior of the building, and others.

For a quick and simple installation, our standard PVC self-adhesive corner guards are perfect. They come in standard colors and offer medium-duty corner protection. These are the most well-liked item from our selection.

Features of Corner Guards

Our PVC Corner Guards with Aluminium Retainers are the ideal option if you're looking for a more robust PVC option that can withstand high-impact damage. Combined with the top and bottom end caps, the continuous aluminum retainer provides the corner with the maximum amount of protection.

Our selection of clear polycarbonate corner guards is ideal if maintaining your interior's décor is of the utmost importance. Our clear corner protectors let your décor stand out and are supplied pre-drilled and countersunk for simple installation.

Our Stainless-Steel Corner Guards work wonders in settings where cleanliness is a priority. offering powerful defense while being simple to maintain. obtainable in a variety of wing lengths and sizes.

Our cushioned corner guards are a great solution if your building has any concerns about sharp or dangerous edges. We provide two self-adhesive standard colors. Any significant impact damage won't happen because of the cushioned material.

Finally, we have our Heavy-Duty Corner Guards. These are frequently used in warehouses and the back of houses where there is a lot of impact damage. The Corner Guards were created and produced with heavy-duty damage resistance in mind. They will guarantee that your building is unharmed and are available in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes.