Delineators, such as Delineator Tubes and Delineator Posts, are available in a number of styles and colors from Biri Trading UK.

Delineator Posts: What Are They?

Delineator posts are used to warn pedestrians, motorists, and drivers of work hazards, parking lot traffic control, striping or resurfacing, areas, and border restrictions in order to protect people and avoid injury.

Delineators are especially effective in places where the alignment is unclear or abrupt, such as lane-decrease curves and transitions. Delineators are extremely effective nighttime and inclement weather navigational aids.

Delineator Variations for Various Applications

Color, foundation, sheeting, and height options are available for delineator locations. 

Common uses for posts include traffic channelization in work zones as warning markers to detect changes in road alignment or to confine turns.

Since road construction has evolved into a sophisticated science, the equipment required to keep road users safe has evolved as well. They're long-lasting and adaptable, as well as easy to install and maintain.

Instead of serving as warnings, delineator tubes serve as guides.

Delineator Posts of Various Types For All Your Needs

  • Tubes with Loops

Long-lasting delineator looper tubes are orange and feature an innovative handle with a versatile loop-top design that makes it easy to apply caution tape or rope in any situation.

- Bright orange loop traffic delineator at the top. A full, strong grip is possible because to the adaptable diamond layout.

- Features a mounting hole and anti-rotate ledge for barrier lights, as well as a unique handle design for caution rope or tape.

  • Tubes with Ring tops

For easy management, our ring top delineator has a large looping opening. It comes with a strengthened bolt hole for easier light installation and a caution tape knob for wrapping around the application. Support rings surround the reflective bands in the loop tube configuration for enhanced tape protection. 

- Large opening for convenient access.

- A caution tape knob allows you to wrap caution tape around the application.

- Bolt hole for warning lights has been reinforced.

- Additional tape protection is provided by support rings around reflective bands.

- Made with polymer protection UV stabilizer and high impact polyethylene.

Tube Grabbers

Biri Trading UK sells flexible orange Grabber Delineator tubes that are used to show the direction of travel. 

- At the top, a bright orange Knob traffic delineator to swiftly grab.

- Convenient knob top for simple positioning and mobility.

- Rugged conditions make it flexible and resilient.

- The recessed space for sheeting protection.

- Long-lasting LDPE mix post

- Flared bottom allows any 4.5-inch fall to pass through the weighted rubber base.