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Biri Trading UK Store is a leading provider of traffic safety equipment in the UK, complete range of delineator for your construction needs.

This sign is ideal for warning drivers, pedestrians and motorists of dangers at work, walking, parking, traffic control, right of way and more. The reversible base of the delineator surface mounted in UV-protected polymer, which adds its strength and makes it resistant to fading. It has high-visibility plates that provide 360-degree visibility, making it easy to spot even from miles away.

The long design of the last developed

In addition, our definition of strong polyethene and polydalin records is made compared to ordinary, as it is equipped with an elastic polymer base known as three times more elastic. The recorded base of the boomerang does not absorb the effect, but transfers the pressure from the pole to the base. This makes the rule board more durable and without cracks or crevices

Improved security with Delineator columns

Be assured that our delineator post meets all state requirements for two-way and two-way delineation. It can be used in work areas, concrete, islands, parking lots, central areas, barriers and even bridges. In addition, here are some of its main features:
High quality polymer base without cracks. Meets all requirements and standards of bilateral and bilateral agreement.
Three times more flexible than regular rubber flooring. The eyeliner can enjoy better movement thanks to the design of the post, markers and channels. It also ensures the restoration and stability of panels, signs and tubes. Highlight colors to choose from: yellow, white and orange. Other colors are available upon request. Main material of the tube: 100% recycled high-density polyethylene, resistant to UV rays.
Main material: specially developed polymer in combination with environmentally friendly materials. Bolt plate material: 100% recycled ABS.

Where to use the rebound able delineator?

Like most road posts, these signs are highly reflective and visible at night. In addition, with the help of structures such as fences, they can warn drivers of changing road conditions. 
All delineator supports in our store include surface mount bases, flexible ground, flexible traffic channels, barriers, pedestrian devices, barriers, water barriers, glossy screens and some special products. 

Define the repetition of available but effective solution
Most people are gray and steel, and the problem is that even if they are expensive, they can be fast, rusty damage and water.
 Although some say steel and wood are more durable, keep in mind that they are more expensive than plastic, especially when it comes to adjustable stands. Installation is very simple, no need to call a specialist. 

Then the main position. We are specialists and suppliers of adjustable fixed posts. Because there are so many industrial applications for reversible insulating poles, it can be difficult to know which reversible insulating poles are suitable for your project. The Traffic Safety Shop has years of experience helping customers choose reverse stops for any project or application. When you are ready to find the best security products for your needs, contact our trusted experts. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions to your problem, and our commitment to fast delivery will ensure that you receive your security products in the shortest possible time.