Expandable Barriers Keep the Workplace Safe

Our Expandable Barriers have sold out due to the current COVID-19 infestation. They're a great technique to partition areas of businesses and offices so that cleaning can be done thoroughly. They can also be used at work to maintain a safe distance between people.

Our barriers are easy to erect and operate...

·         Folds into a little package for easy storage

·         The setup is straightforward.

·         Black and yellow, as well as red and white, are some of the colors that can be seen.

Wheeled Expandable Barrier

The epidemic underlines the importance of individuals keeping their surroundings clean in order to avoid social estrangement. While most workers are encouraged to work from home to reduce risk, we know that this is not possible for everyone. As a result, it is vital to keep those who remain on the job as safe as possible.

Portable barriers are a simple solution that may be deployed rapidly as necessary. Cleaning is becoming more common in the workplace, often during the day and in the evening, making it necessary to seal these areas while cleaning takes place to eliminate slip hazards. The barriers are easy to install and lightweight (weighing about 6kg), allowing cleaning crews to swiftly deploy them as needed.

Workplace Expandable Barriers

Many workplaces are also attempting to adopt safe employee working distances. The barriers are an excellent way to emphasize the necessary spacing between employees. They also allow you to divide portions of the office to guarantee that employees do not access areas where they are not required, reducing unwanted social contact.

While it is typical for employees to interact with colleagues from different departments, it is critical to keep this under control at these times.

It's a sturdy, inflatable barrier that's simple to erect.

This barrier is simple to erect and can be in place in minutes, isolating any potentially dangerous areas or obstacles. The barrier can be used on its own because of its extremely robust feet. Because of its changeable width, the barrier may be put practically anywhere, making it suitable for both major and little threats.


The barrier may be extended up to 3 meters, and it can also be connected with our stacking road barriers to create a larger barrier system.


One of this barrier's unique features is its modest size. The barrier folds up into a small package that is excellent for travel.

The significance and applications of expandable barriers

Humans, wildlife, and even cattle, as well as work equipment and vehicles, are all protected from harm by safety barriers. Safety barriers are used to restrict access or highlight unsafe areas in a range of settings, including workplaces and construction sites.

No-go zones, access routes, corridors, and dangerous regions are all marked with rolled and freestanding inflatable safety barriers. They can also be used in a variety of circumstances and settings, such as crowd control at a festival or at an airport. They can also be used as exits and entrances because they are retractable.