Flexible Bollards Prevent Car Accidents

Flexible bollards are a perfect non-impact barrier solution. Let’s face it—driving distractions are everywhere. the risks of outright distracted driving are well-established, however several folks still get over-confident (or simply plain stressed) enough to let the tiny things slide, from glancing at push notifications, to shift playlists or snacking on the go. And that’s not even getting into the realm of young families making an attempt to separate attention between the road and kids within the back seat, typically on too-little sleep.

Driver awareness could be a Brobdingnagian consider preventing vehicle collisions. So, wanting mass surveillance, however will we facilitate individuals to pay attention? during this post, we’ll verify how street bollards grab driver attention and acquire eyes back on the road.


Flexible bollards guide traffic and clearly delineation lanes, especially around lane narrowings and alternative surrounded traffic spaces—such as loading areas or industrial access routes—where there’s less risk of an important collision and low stakes for damage.

Because they will stand up to repeat vehicle impacts while not losing their shape, versatile bollards are ideal for high-traffic areas wherever collisions are frequent and expected.

The ability to permit access at a moments notice is very important for emergency vehicles, which could got to quickly pass a engorged purpose or enter AN otherwise restricted area. Emergency vehicles will quickly skip versatile bollards with none harm to vehicle or bollard.

Reliance manufactory flexible bollards, made of a proprietary plastic composite, are tested to resist up to fifty collisions, bending a full ninety degrees, and up to five hundred partial impacts flexing to forty five degrees. they’re wrought with absolutely perforate dyes, thus their color will not chip or flake away.

Lane delineators are getting a lot of common in sensitive traffic areas—such as underground tunnels, road onramps and close bike lanes. because of the restrictions of area and high traffic volume, it’s common for normal plastic bollards to induce bent or two-dimensional from regular vehicle impacts. Providing a a lot of strong barrier will guarantee a far longer performance life and reduced maintenance.


Flexible bollards supply savings over each the short- and long-term. For the short term, they will be less expensive and easier to put in than heavier physical barriers. Over the future they save on replacement costs, since they don’t got to get replaced once every collision. they’re going to additionally continue trying their best with as very little attention as possible.


When coming up with vehicle barriers—whether physical or visual—consider these key factors.

  • Physical requirements: Is physical protection a demand for your building or property? If so, what styles of threats are anticipated given the placement and close approach environment?
  • Aesthetic considerations: When gazing a property and also the surrounding environment, what visual expectations are there? High-end, subject area buildings merit furnishings that do justice to their designing and design. Industrial areas doubtless haven’t got an equivalent expectations. Expectations for industrial and residential environments can rely on the neighborhood or community.
  • Risk of impact or physical contact: There are a spread of things that have an effect on the probability of auto intrusions—including traffic volumes, driver behaviors, vehicle speeds and proximity. If regular impacts are expected, it is vital to contemplate however these barriers are maintained or replaced.
  • Cost: Whether it’s physical protection, ornamental parts or semipermanent care and maintenance, these factors all add up. a transparent budget can facilitate measure and range your perimeter requirements.