Plastic vs Aluminum Road Studs - Biri Trading UK

Road studs are used for road separation, road separation or road design in the context of traffic and road safety. Road studs usually have a reflective or reflective material. Reflectors (known as cat's eyes) are small but important materials that act as light by reflecting the vehicle's headlights. 

Three types of reflectors are used in road studs

Reflectors, plastic reflectors and glass balls. Glass beads have the longest lifespan and reflective sheets have the shortest lifespan of these types of reflectors. In general, plastic reflectors and reflective sheets are preferred for temporary road maintenance. Glass beads are advantageous for permanent or long-lasting areas.

This reflector is installed in a plastic or aluminum housing. The road bolt consisting of housing and reflector is installed on the road or in a suitable place using bolts and locking plugs. Road tracks are installed on the track using the pin method and fixed to the ground with epoxy adhesive. The proper size of track bolt is determined by the area of ??use. Determining the height is especially important when using road nails. Is it used to slow down? Or is it used to control the path? What is the difference between plastic and aluminum screws?

• Aluminum screws are stronger and last longer than plastic screws.

• Aluminum raw material price is more expensive than plastic in terms of purchase cost. Therefore, aluminum rod bolts are 40% more expensive than similarly sized plastic rod bolts.

• Plastic bolts can be used for temporary or short-term road maintenance. Aluminum road bolts can be used for long-term road construction or permanent road fencing.

• Plastic and aluminum studs can be used to separate the right and left sides of the road. It is recommended to use aluminum studs in the middle of the road to reduce vehicle speed and increase driver awareness. • The compressive strength of plastic screws is 5-10 tons. But for aluminum road bolts it is 30-40 tons. Therefore, the choice of the type of road bolt can be adapted to the area of ??use.

• Plastic screws can be used in factories, hospitals and schools with slow traffic or vehicles. Aluminum bolts are recommended for roads where large vehicles such as high-speed vehicles and trucks are on the road.