Plastic barrier for pedestrians road safety

What are the obstacles to road safety?

Section 8 barriers, commonly known as pedestrian, roadworks or plastic barrier, are mainly used by road engineers, traffic engineers, civil engineers and local authorities to enclose roadworks and construction sites. Provides a safe workplace by creating a highly visible safety barrier between road construction, the general public and nearby traffic.


The Roadworks and Roadworks Safety Code of Practice, known in the industry as Chapter 8 or the Redbook, sets standards that help ensure safe performance in all aspects of roadworks and roadworks on all highways and roads. These barriers must comply with British and European standards (BSEN8442 and BSEN12899-2).

The Biri Trading UK family of Chapter 8 Barriers are fully compliant with HSE Public Protection Guidelines to ensure you and your site operate to the highest safety and regulatory standards.

Chapter 8 barrier different styles of obstacles

There are several brands of Chapter 8 Differential Pressure from different manufacturers. Biri Trading UK uses JSP, Europe's leading independent manufacturer of protective equipment. Oxford-based JSP prides itself on its commitment to innovation, research and development. See below for information on our top two picks.

Border barrier

High density polyethylene inflatable dam
Fully reflective panels that meet the requirements of EN12899-
Easy to assemble and has flexible couplings.
This barrier is foldable, making it easy to transport and store.
Reliability – These barriers are designed to be easily placed on uneven/flat ground and have been tested to meet BS8442 network reliability rating. There is an anti-fingerprint option to prevent pedestrian/employee accidents.
Available in a variety of colors. 

Made from one piece of high density absorbent molded polyethylene, subzero temperature and two year color fastness.
100% metal free and fully recyclable.
Fully reflective panels that meet the requirements of EN12899-
The feet provide excellent surface grip to prevent pedestrian/employee accidents and come with an anti-toe option. Design for easy and practical assembly
Durability and Durability - These barriers have been tested to prevent chipping, cracking or splitting by slowly driving a 4000kg forklift.