Plastic Chain

Basic crowd control or safety barrier is required to ensure that work processes go efficiently and without harm or confusion. But how can you determine whether a cheap plastic chain will suffice against the more expensive options?

There are four main reasons why you should utilize a simple plastic chain barrier instead of other stanchion options:

  • When it comes to low-cost safety barriers, a simple plastic chain is hard to beat. For example, a warehouse or safety manager can purchase 25 feet of plastic chain for less than $10. This barrier is substantially less expensive than most alternatives, especially when paired with simple plastic poles for $20 each.
  • If you need to keep a parking lot safe for church or school activities, for example, where event-staff specialists are not available.
  • Plastic chains are obviously highly portable and space-efficient to store or transfer, wrapping up into handy coils.
  • Plastic chains come in a variety of UV-resistant hues that can convey a variety of various safety messages depending on the color combination.

There are four common applications for plastic chain barriers:

Parking Lot Safety With Plastic Chains: Plastic chains are commonly used as barriers to mark where parking is permitted or to protect pedestrian entrances and exits in parking lots. While there is no physical barrier between automobiles and pedestrians, visual barriers can help increase driver awareness and reduce traffic accidents.

Plastic Chains for Work Zones: Plastic chains are also easily transportable and can be used to divide work zones in public settings. This is especially useful when work environments alter as time goes on or when renovations are taking place. This is made of UV-resistant plastic and can be used outside.

Plastic Chains for Warehouses: Plastic chains can be stretched from one warehouse rack post to another. Blocking off lanes that are restricted or unsafe.

Plastic Chains for Custodial Work: Plastic chains can be beneficial for swiftly and conveniently shutting off custodial. Work areas in public schools or leisure facilities where custodians may be working amidst continual foot traffic.

 While retractable belt barrier stanchions are better suited to long-term or permanent barriers. Lots of circumstances where a simple and economical barrier is required to immediately identify restricted zones. Plastic chains can very handy in this situation.