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Biri Trading UK, a variety of road traffic cones that comply with Chapter 8, such as orange traffic cones, to suit your size and color. Traffic cones are used as a safety measure during road construction or in situations where traffic management is required. These can be used for lane depiction and lane separation, traffic restrictions, early warning of dangers and dangers, and the installation of barricades. Marks that may be dangerous to the general public and staff. See also the guide.

Legal road traffic cones must comply with Chapter 8 and standard BS EN12899-1 or BS8442. Part of the law is the size of the traffic cone, the type of reflective cover used, and the traffic cone. The 460mm and 500mm traffic cones can only be used in areas where traffic flow is less than 40 mph on dual roads or less than 50 mph on single roads. The 750mm and 1m traffic cones can be used in areas with low traffic. Traffic exceeds 50mph. If you use traffic cones to keep the road legal and use them within the requirements of Chapter 8. It is important to make sure that all traffic cones you use are in good condition. Buy fast shipping and volume discounts. For more information on our products or to get a customized quote for bulk orders, please contact our team at + 44-7900508088 or email us at


Importance of road traffic cones

Traffic cones are often the first thing that comes to mind when you stop thinking about different types of traffic control equipment. These tools are recognizable by shape and color and are designed in such a way that they can see and direct people in a very specific way. However, to beginners and inexperienced people in the industry, these articles may not seem like much. To be successful in this type of business, you need to understand the use of traffic cones and their importance of traffic cones.

Reduce driver confusion

As drivers drive through designated work areas, there are many signs, people, and road changes to deal with. This can easily confuse and confuse even the most experienced about where to go, greatly increasing the chances of making a mistake. Traffic cones are made exclusively to be noticed, even in situations of poor visibility, so they are an excellent tool for identifying the correct driving path and reducing potentially dangerous disturbances.

Area indicator for workers

Traffic cones are also used to reserve specific areas of the field for heavy equipment and larger, more dangerous jobs. This is intended to warn surrounding pedestrians and workers of the dangers of this section. The use of cones can also be combined with warning signs and barriers. However, the cones are the main interesting feature that offers advanced alerts.

The general safety of drivers and employees

However, the importance of traffic cones is particularly evident when one considers how much they contribute to the overall safety of everyone in the vicinity of the site.  This creates an optimal and efficient production environment by systematically directing traffic in a way that simplifies the driver experience. In Biri Trading UK, we understand how important it is to always have the right road safety cones. That's why our inventory offers everything from standard orange cones for event traffic to black weighted cones for workspace control. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the different models, types, and sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Chapter 8?

The Ministry of Transport has created the regulations in Chapter 8. This is described in a comprehensive guide to traffic signs and signs. management. The term Chapter 8 comes from the regulated location of traffic signs and management guides.

What is included in the van in Chapter 8?

Traffic Management Livery Road Maintenance is called Chapter 8. This name comes from the traffic sign manual.

What are the requirements of Chapter 8?

On highways and highways, vehicles that are stopped or used for work  must comply with the standards in Chapter 8. Cars, vans, glitters, road sweepers, dump trucks, and recovery vehicles may be included, to name a few.