Safety cone

Traffic cones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we stock the majority of them at Biri Trading UK LTD, including Road Cones, No Waiting Cones, Colored Cones, Two-Piece Cones, and Single Piece Cones.

Cones made of one piece

These are the cheapest and most affordable cones available at Biri Trading UK LTD. They're a one-piece, recyclable, and 100 % environmentally responsible alternative to our two-piece cones. Colored and embossed cones can be used to represent a company.

Two parts of cones

Biri Trading UK LTD offers two-piece traffic cones, which are the industry standard.

Each Cone family has been subjected to and continues to be subjected to, rigorous testing in compliance with the British Standards Institution's technical criteria. All of these Cones can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

No Waiting Cones are available

No Waiting Cones are available from Biri Trading UK LTD in a variety of sizes. Every one of them is suitable for enforcing No Parking regulations. See everything we have to offer on our website.

Different Colored Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are available in three primary colors: yellow, green, and blue. Each of these colors is used to identify different zones on a construction site, and new legislation makes these cones mandatory.


For nearly 80 years, traffic cones have been in use. The first patented traffic cone was created in 1940 by Charles P Scanlon, a Los Angeles street painter, to prevent automobiles from driving on wet paint, with early prototypes made of discarded rubber tire skins sewn together. Nowadays, the number of options available when choosing a cone can be overwhelming. Here are some broad guidelines to assist you in selecting the right cone for your project.

·         Road Cones with a Black Base

·         Orange standard road cones

·         Orange Road Cones Trimline


A sale, outlet, or Cone Seconds Bargain is referred to as a sale, outlet, or discount. You've probably heard us mention outlet traffic cones if you're familiar with our website. What are they, exactly, and how do they differ from premium cones? So we're here to dispel any myths and show the advantages and disadvantages of outlet cones.

While our manufacturer creates excellent, flow-molded All Orange, some faults are unavoidable in any process, rendering the safety cone unsuitable for high-speed road operations.

Here are a few examples of defects in outlet cones:

·         Indents from machines

·         Fading of color

·         Bubbles of air

·         Dripping from the bottom

·         Low levels of collar adhesion

Rather than trying to sell it as a fault, we designate it as an outlet cone whenever one of these flaws emerges.

We label these faults as outlet cones rather than attempting to advertise them as quality cones, as some companies do.

Now that you know what outlet cones are composed of, why should you buy them? Outlet cones aren't appropriate for every application, but they can save money for those who can use them.

Here are some examples of how to use an output cone:

·         Camping on the Sidewalk / Driveway Projects

·         Sports

·         Education for dogs

·         Crafts

Our inventory is always changing since not every production batch guarantees that a safety zone will be selected as an output cone. Keep checking back if you're seeking a specific size or reflective collar. No refunds or exchanges are accepted on any outlet cone transaction, as is normal. No additional discounts or promo codes will be accepted due to their already-discounted sale price.