Speed Ramp Kit everything You Need to Know

A speed ramp is an extremely efficient piece of equipment designed to calm traffic, ideal for commercial and residential use. The bumps are sometimes referred to as sleeping cops. In most car accidents, speed is a major factor that increases both

Because drivers drive faster, they have less time to react to road conditions, and the next accident causes more damage to nearby drivers. Organizations can choose from a variety of traffic calming devices to encourage safe driving and speed issues. One of the methods used to reduce the speed of the vehicle and increase the driver's awareness is speed limitation, deceleration, speeding, detours, and warnings. Shock also helps to drive safely, but doing so on a large scale can be difficult and expensive. What is a speedometer?

Gears are usually available at two depths that allow vehicles to pass at different speeds, such as 50 mm or 75 mm. Speed reduction is designed to reduce the car's speed from 5 mph to 10 mph.

 Read on to find out which speed ramp is right for you.

What is a speed ramp? 

Biri Trading UK gearboxes are made of high density recycled PVC, require little maintenance and are extremely weather resistant and durable. Plastic and rubber composite lifts offer a smooth and comfortable ride compared to standard concrete or asphalt speeds without the risk of damaging passing vehicles. Speed ??ramps are suitable for a variety of vehicles, from motorcycles to trucks, with virtually unlimited loads. Ideal for crowded areas with thousands of cars a day. 

What color speed ramp do you need? 

The speed ramp is standard in two colors: black and yellow.
Ramp sets are usually a combination of the two colors and serve as a bright reminder to road users that there is a speed ramp. However, if you buy one of the standard Speeds? In bump kits, you get the same combination of yellow and black.

We may also offer acceleration kits for certain color schemes (for example, all black kits or all yellow kits). What is the size of the entry into a quick package?

Our speed elements can increase from 1 meter to 0.5 meters. There is a selection of discount kits available for purchase directly online, but if you would like to receive a custom discount kit longer than 10 meters, please contact us for an offer.

The middle part of the speed barrier is usually 500 mm wide, so you can increase the speed limit in steps by 0.5 m. 

NO SPEED BUMMP is too big and our friendly team will be happy to help.