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Traffic cones play an important role in public safety that should not be underestimated, whether you work in construction or not. Encountering traffic cones on England's roads once or twice. It's true that our brightly colored cone-shaped friends inspire love and hate. In this blog post, we thought we'd share some cone love. So take a step back in time to give us a better understanding of the history of the humble but iconic traffic cone. enjoying yourself!

Who invented the traffic cones?

Charles P. Rudabaker invented the simple traffic cone in 1914. However, there is no patent that can confirm this with this name. The first road cones were made of concrete and/or wood and were very tolerant of cars when they crashed!

In the 1940s, Los Angeles Street Department artist Charles D. Scanlon developed and patented the first "Safety Marker" in the shape of a hollow cone. Scanlon's invention was born out of his need to protect cars from wet paint. Scanlon's early safety signs were made from discarded tire treads, but Scanlon quickly stopped production because he could not find a reliable supply of used tires. In 1947, Interstea Rubber Corporation began to produce cones with rubber and heating technology.

British engineer David Morgan invented the first commercial plastic cone when working in the imperial chemical.

Where were traffic cones first used?

Rudabaker's concrete cones first appeared in New York, New York. The traffic cone debuted in England in 1958 for the opening of the M6.

What are modern traffic cones made of? Gone are the days of bulky and heavy concrete and wooden safety signs. Modern traffic cones are usually made of thermoplastic, rubber or recycled PVC and can be easily transported and stored. How many traffic cones are there in the world?

Unfortunately, there are estimated to be around 1.3 million in the UK and 140 million worldwide, but there are currently no official figures showing how many there are. Looking for a traffic cone?

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