Wall guards - Uses and benefits

Wall guards Protectors are placed on walls, pillars and doorways to prevent bumps and collisions. In industrial areas, doors and walls can often be hit during transport. Manufacturers use the wall protector to protect the walls or pillars of the door.

In storage areas and production areas, corners and doors can be seriously damaged when the product is transported. The solution to eliminate these shortcomings are the wall corners.

Provides high protection against impacts in the areas where they are located. Provides the highest protection of the environments in which they are located from the impacts of transport vehicles such as forklifts and pallet trucks. Thanks to their wall mount, they are very easy to use. Mostly food production plants and industrial areas prefer it.

What does a wall protection guards do?

Wall Protectors are products that provide high impact protection in areas where customers use them. It has many advantages. One of these benefits is hygiene. Wall protectors are also preferred for hygienic reasons. With its easy-care and bacteria-free structure, it ensures high hygiene standards in the area of ??application.

Wall corner protectors prevent areas such as floors, doors and walls from being damaged. When carrying heavy loads, the worker may inadvertently harm the environment. Wall protection minimizes damage. It absorbs shocks and offers a high level of impact protection in the areas of application.

Areas of application for wall guards protection

The areas of application for wall protection are very diverse.

Manufacturers prefer it in several areas, e.g. B. with panel walls and doors. Because you can use it in all areas of a facility. The general role of wall and corner protectors is to cushion impacts from various vehicles or equipment in the areas where they are installed and to prevent environmental damage. That's why manufacturers prefer them to avoid damage that can result from impact. Its simple assembly structure is one of its advantages.

It has a structure that you can use in all areas. Offers high protection against bumps and bumps. Large areas such as airports and subway stations prefer it for its functional properties. In addition, large and wide areas such as bus terminals use it to protect walls and corners from bumps and bumps.

Shopping malls use it to avoid some passages and make passages much healthier.

In addition, the healthcare sector prefers it because it offers high standards of hygiene in the processes.

Reinforced Rubber Corner Protectors or wall guards

Offering additional protection for brick corners and concrete,  Reinforced Rubber Corner Protectors are made from high quality recycled rubber made with black and yellow markings on the corner protectors to warn of danger.

Contrasting colors ensure good visibility and effectively absorb the impact of collision at the corners of public facilities such as
parking lots or in factories and To store. With a rounded tip, the rounded rubber corner protectors offer increased protection due to the added thickness of the rubber.

Features of the Reinforced Rubber Corner Guards

Protects brick and urban corners from effect in any setting.

An best and cost-powerful preference for public automobile parks or small areas that call for greater safety.

Manufactured from recycled rubber.

Has contrasting yellow black markings to assure higher visibility in underground automobile parks or at night.

Easily installed, and may be screwed into place.

Ideally appropriate to automobiles and vans (now no longer heavy vehicles).

Added bull nostril corners provide greater padding and safety from automobile effect.